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List of End-of-Life (EOL)/End-of-Support (EOS) Trend Micro products

    • Updated:
    • 6 Dec 2016
    • Product/Version:
    • Advanced Reporting and Management for InterScan Web Security 1.6
    • Cloud App Security 1.0
    • InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance 5.6
    • Intrusion Defense Firewall 1.5
    • Mobile Security for Enterprise 8.0
    • OfficeScan 10.6
    • ScanMail for Exchange 10.2
    • Smart Protection Server 2.6
    • Threat Discovery Appliance 2.5
    • Worry-Free Business Security Standard/Advanced 7.0
    • Platform:
    • N/A N/A

Trend Micro is committed to providing industry-leading products and services. This means Trend Micro products will continue to evolve with more complex levels of network security capabilities.

Trend Micro will periodically announce End-of-Life/End-of-Support information, along with migration recommendations, for our customers. With this information, customers and partners can make proactive and informed decisions about product migration and version upgrades.

By providing a clear policy on product support timelines, Trend Micro hopes this will help our customers and partners to better plan and manage their upgrade cycles and support requirements. In turn, we can then focus our engineering resources on enhancing performance and protection in the latest versions of our products, which eventually leads to a better customer experience.


When a product reaches End-of-Support, Trend Micro will no longer develop hot fixes and patches for the product, and will stop providing Technical Support for issues encountered after the said date.

The table below shows the Trend Micro products that have reached End-of-Support in the past 12 months.

ProductVersionLanguagePlatformRegionStop Support
Data Loss Prevention Endpoint5.0JapaneseWindowsJapan31-Dec-15
Deep Discovery Inspector3.1JapaneseHardware ApplianceALL31-Aug-16
Deep Discovery Inspector3.2JapaneseHardware ApplianceALL31-Aug-16
Deep Edge1.5Simplified Chinese APAC31-Dec-15
Deep Edge1.5Simplified ChineseHardware ApplianceAPAC31-Dec-15
Deep Edge1.5Simplified ChineseSoftware ApplianceAPAC31-Dec-15
Deep Edge2.0Simplified Chinese APAC31-Dec-15
Deep Edge2.0Simplified ChineseHardware ApplianceAPAC31-Dec-15
Deep Edge2.0Simplified ChineseSoftware ApplianceAPAC31-Dec-15
Deep Edge2.1Simplified Chinese APAC31-Dec-15
Deep Edge2.1Simplified ChineseHardware ApplianceAPAC31-Dec-15
Deep Edge2.1Simplified ChineseSoftware ApplianceAPAC31-Dec-15
Endpoint Encryption -
File Armor
Endpoint Encryption -
Full Disk Encryption
Endpoint Encryption -
Key Armor
Endpoint Encryption -
Key Armor
Endpoint Encryption - Policy Server3.1.3EnglishWindowsALL31-Jan-16
Instant Messaging Security1.5EnglishWindowsALL01-Aug-16
Instant Messaging Security1.51EnglishWindowsALL01-Aug-16
InterScan Messaging Security7.1JapaneseWindowsJapan05-Jan-16
InterScan Messaging Security Virtual Appliance8.2JapaneseSoftware ApplianceJapan31-Oct-16
InterScan Messaging Security Virtual Appliance8.2EnglishSoftware ApplianceALL31-Oct-16
InterScan Web Manager Lite2.0JapaneseWindowsJapan31-Dec-15
InterScan Web Security as a Service1.2EnglishSaaSNorth America30-Jun-16
InterScan Web Security as a Service1.9EnglishSaaSNorth America30-Jun-16
InterScan Web Security Suite3.1EnglishWindowsAPAC31-Dec-15
InterScan Web Security Suite3.1EnglishWindowsEMEA31-Dec-15
InterScan Web Security Suite3.1EnglishWindowsNorth America31-Dec-15
Intrusion Defense Firewall1.5EnglishWindowsALL30-Sep-16
Intrusion Defense Firewall1.5FrenchWindowsALL30-Sep-16
Intrusion Defense Firewall1.5GermanWindowsALL30-Sep-16
Intrusion Defense Firewall1.5KoreanWindowsALL30-Sep-16
Intrusion Defense Firewall1.5PolishWindowsALL30-Sep-16
Intrusion Defense Firewall1.5RussianWindowsALL30-Sep-16
Intrusion Defense Firewall1.5SpanishWindowsALL30-Sep-16
Mobile Security for Enterprise8.0EnglishAndroidALL01-Aug-16
Mobile Security for Enterprise8.0Simplified ChineseAndroidAPAC01-Aug-16
Mobile Security for Enterprise8.0Traditional ChineseAndroidAPAC01-Aug-16
Mobile Security for Enterprise8.0FrenchAndroidEMEA01-Aug-16
Mobile Security for Enterprise8.0GermanAndroidEMEA01-Aug-16
Mobile Security for Enterprise8.0PolishAndroidEMEA01-Aug-16
Mobile Security for Enterprise8.0RussianAndroidEMEA01-Aug-16
OfficeScan10.6Simplified ChineseWindowsAPAC30-Jun-16
OfficeScan10.6Traditional ChineseWindowsAPAC30-Jun-16
OfficeScan10.6EnglishWindowsNorth America30-Jun-16
Scanmail for IBM Domino5.5EnglishLinuxALL31-Mar-16
Scanmail for IBM Domino5.5EnglishWindowsALL31-Mar-16
SecureCloud as a Service3.5EnglishSaaSALL10-Jun-16
SecureCloud as a Service3.6EnglishSaaSALL05-Nov-16
Security for Macintosh1.5FrenchMac OSEMEA31-May-16
Security for Macintosh1.5GermanMac OSEMEA31-May-16
Security for Macintosh1.5RussianMac OSEMEA31-May-16
Security for Macintosh1.5SpanishMac OSEMEA31-May-16
Security for Macintosh1.5JapaneseMac OSJapan31-May-16
Security for Macintosh1.5EnglishMac OSNorth America31-May-16
Smart Protection Server1.0JapaneseHardware ApplianceJapan30-Sep-16
Smart Protection Server2.6EnglishHardware ApplianceALL30-Jun-16
Threat Discovery Appliance2.5EnglishHardware ApplianceNorth America30-Jun-16
Threat Discovery Appliance2.5EnglishSoftware ApplianceNorth America30-Jun-16
Threat Discovery Appliance2.55Simplified ChineseSoftware ApplianceAPAC30-Jun-16
Threat Discovery Appliance2.6JapaneseHardware ApplianceJapan30-Jun-16
Threat Discovery Appliance2.5EnglishHardware ApplianceNorth America30-Jun-16
Worry-Free Business Security Standard/Advanced7.0Simplified ChineseWindowsAPAC31-Dec-15
Worry-Free Business Security Standard/Advanced7.0Traditional ChineseWindowsAPAC31-Dec-15
Worry-Free Business Security Standard/Advanced7.0FrenchWindowsEMEA31-Dec-15
Worry-Free Business Security Standard/Advanced7.0GermanWindowsEMEA31-Dec-15
Worry-Free Business Security Standard/Advanced7.0ItalianWindowsEMEA31-Dec-15
Worry-Free Business Security Standard/Advanced7.0PolishWindowsEMEA31-Dec-15
Worry-Free Business Security Standard/Advanced7.0RussianWindowsEMEA31-Dec-15
Worry-Free Business Security Standard/Advanced7.0SpanishWindowsEMEA31-Dec-15
Worry-Free Business Security Standard/Advanced7.0TurkishWindowsEMEA31-Dec-15
Worry-Free Business Security Standard/Advanced7.0EnglishWindowsNorth America31-Dec-15

To ensure continued protection and support service, please upgrade to a later version of your product or pursue the recommended migration option.

Trend Micro strongly encourages customers to remain current with the latest products. With respect to the current threat landscape, the latest Trend Micro products are designed to combat the current threats. Older and out-of-date products may not provide the required protection to prevent certain security breaches.

For more information or for assistance in planning an upgrade, contact Trend Micro Technical Support or your Customer Service Manager (CSM).

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