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Unable to block HTTPS sites in InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance (IWSVA) even if HTTPS Decryption is enabled

    • Updated:
    • 11 Aug 2017
    • Product/Version:
    • InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance 6.0
    • InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance 6.5
    • Platform:
    • Bare Metal N/A

Users cannot block HTTPs sites. For example, when browsing Facebook via, the page is blocked, however, when browsing via, the page loads.

The HTTPS logs confirmed that is not blocked:

15:12:27.305 <DBG><127:7433:7466> <C:2484> (postconnect) m_fullURI is @<ProcessRequestURI> @@<IWSSHttpProxyProtocol.cpp:10473>
15:12:27.305 <DBG><127:7433:7466> <C:2484> DoPreScan: msgtype is 1 @<DoProcessing> @@<IWSSHttpProxyProtocol.cpp:7163>
15:12:27.305 <DBG><127:7433:7466> <C:2484> pState->m_RequestedHost:, pState->m_RequestedPort: 443, pState->m_RequestedPath: /, pState->m_fullURI:, pState->m_SSLState: 2, pState->m_State: 0 @<DoProcessing> @@<IWSSHttpProxyProtocol.cpp:7187>
15:12:27.305 <DBG><127:7433:7466> <C:2484> HTTPS: will check Iwss Host name and the url @<DoProcessing> @@<IWSSHttpProxyProtocol.cpp:7379>
15:12:27.305 <DBG><127:7433:7466> <C:2484> Get the IP info from cache. IP( @<ResolveFromDNSCache> @@<IWSSHttpProxyProtocol.cpp:9706>
15:12:27.305 <DBG><127:7433:7466> <C:2484> From Cache: Host resolution: = @<ResolveFromDNSCache> @@<IWSSHttpProxyProtocol.cpp:9717>
15:12:27.305 <DBG><127:7433:7466> <C:2484> The hit from Cache is 28496674 the total access is (29157737) @<ResolveFromDNSCache> @@<IWSSHttpProxyProtocol.cpp:9721>
15:12:27.305 <DBG><127:7433:7466> <C:2484> is_connect_method: 1, pCCache->isTransparent: 0,pState->m_bSkingHttpsScanRequestIsIwssServer: 0 @<DoProcessing> @@<IWSSHttpProxyProtocol.cpp:7443>
15:12:27.305 <DBG><127:7433:7466> <C:2484> HTTPS:Check server port ACL for port 443 @<DoProcessing> @@<IWSSHttpProxyProtocol.cpp:7493>
15:12:27.305 <DBG><127:7433:7466> <C:2484> DCS is disabled @<isIpExistsInSpywareIpList> @@<ScanContextImpl.cpp:2795>
15:12:27.305 <DBG><127:7433:7466> <C:2484> isIpExistsInSpywareIpList return result: 1 @<DoProcessing> @@<IWSSHttpProxyProtocol.cpp:7740>
15:12:27.305 <DBG><127:7433:7466> <C:2484> before DoPreScan: msgtype: 5, URI: @<DoProcessing> @@<IWSSHttpProxyProtocol.cpp:7789>
15:12:27.305 <DBG><127:7433:7466> <C:2484> PreScanState: TmScanState::PS_START @<DoPreScan> @@<ScanContextImpl.cpp:869>
15:12:27.305 <DBG><127:7433:7466> <C:2484> PreScanState: TmScanState::PS_TRANSACTION_LOG @<DoPreScan> @@<ScanContextImpl.cpp:873>
15:12:27.305 <DBG><127:7433:7466> <C:2484> PreScanState: TmScanState::PS_ACCESS_QUOTA_INFO @<DoPreScan> @@<ScanContextImpl.cpp:885>
15:12:27.305 <DBG><127:7433:7466> <C:2484> PreScanState: TmScanState::PS_URL_LISTS @<DoPreScan> @@<ScanContextImpl.cpp:949>
15:12:27.305 <DBG><127:7433:7466> <C:2484> DoPreScanCheckServerIPWhitelist: bGotAddr = 1, category = 5, addr = @<DoPreScanCheckServerIPWhitelist> @@<ScanContextImpl.cpp:1467>
15:12:27.306 <DBG><127:7433:7466> <C:2484> HTTPS: Striped 443 port from URL[]  @<DoPreScan> @@<ScanContextImpl.cpp:996>
15:12:27.306 <DBG><127:7433:7466> <C:2484> Check the https tunnel domain: @<DoPreScan> @@<ScanContextImpl.cpp:1020>
15:12:27.306 <DBG><127:7433:7466> <C:2484> PreScan result [13], m_State [0], m_SSLState [2] @<DoProcessing> @@<IWSSHttpProxyProtocol.cpp:7801>
15:12:27.306 <DBG><127:7433:7466> <C:2484> [https] Prescan returned tunnel: Pxy mode @<DoProcessing> @@<IWSSHttpProxyProtocol.cpp:7958>
15:12:27.306 <DBG><127:7433:7466> <C:2484> nextStageIfPossible: mState is RECV_REQUEST @<nextStageIfPossible> @@<IWSSHttpProxyProtocol.cpp:2188>
15:12:27.309 <DBG><127:7433:7466> <C:2484> pCCache->isTransparent: 0, m_bSkingHttpsScanRequestIsIwssServer: 0 @<connectToServerIfNecessary> @@<IWSSHttpProxyProtocol.cpp:1091>
15:12:27.309 <DBG><127:7433:7466> <C:2484> Check server port ACL for port 443 @<connectToServerIfNecessary> @@<IWSSHttpProxyProtocol.cpp:1097>
15:12:27.309 <DBG><127:7433:7466> <C:2484> Set Read [2484] to 0 @<setReadMode> @@<WorkQueue_platform.cpp:192>
15:12:27.309 <DBG><127:7433:7466> <C:2484> Try to connect to [] @<doConnect> @@<IWSSHttpProxyProtocol.cpp:1426>
15:12:27.309 <DBG><127:7433:7466> <C:2484> [HttpConnLIB] si_family: 2, local_addr: , is_listen: 0, socket [2487] created @<createTcpSocket> @@<TmSocket.cpp:3755>
15:12:27.309 <DBG><127:7433:7466> <C:2484><S:2487> Set Write [2487] to 1 @<setWriteMode> @@<WorkQueue_platform.cpp:217>

The HTTPS Decryption is enabled, however, the issue remains.


The issue occurs because is in the Tunneled Domain List.

Remove the site from the said list to be able to successfully block HTTPS sites:

  1. Go to the IWSVA web console.
  2. Click HTTP > HTTPS Decryption > Tunneling > Failed HTTP Access.
  3. Uncheck Enable Auto Tunneling for Fatal Failures and then click Save.
  4. Go to Domain Tunneling, remove again.

HTTPS sites should now be blocked by IWSVA.

If the issue persists, contact Trend Micro Technical Support for assistance.

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