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"The GUID is invalid" error message appears when deploying Remote Manager (TMRM) agent in Worry-Free Business Security (WFBS)

    • Updated:
    • 13 Mar 2020
    • Product/Version:
    • Remote Manager
    • Worry-Free Business Security Standard 8
    • Worry-Free Business Security Standard 9
    • Platform:
    • N/A N/A

The following error appears when deploying Remote Manager agent:

The GUID is invalid. Verify the GUID and try again.

The issue still exists event after removing and re-adding customer in TMRM console and uninstalling and reinstalling the TMRM agent from the server


The error occurs because you manually installed the TMRM Agent and used the generated GUID from the TMRM console.To resolve the issue:

This solution is only applicable for TMRM-LMP version only.
  1. Uninstall the TMRM Agent in Control Panel.
  2. Check for the following processes to verify if the agent is removed completely. If one of them is matched, the agent is still installed and you should proceed to step 2.1. 

    2.1 Removing the agent using command prompt.

    1. Open the command prompt.
    2. Go to any of the following locations:
      • 64bit:“C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\TrendMicro\SecurityServer\PCCSRV\Admin\Utility\RmAgent”
      • 32 bit:“C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\Security Server\PCCSRV\Admin\Utility\RmAgent”
    3. Type any of the commands below:

      TMRMAgentforWFBS.exe –s (WFBS 9 sp1)

      WFRMAgentforWFBS.exe –s (WFBBS 8/9)

      The uninstall command is different for each WFBS version.
  3. Open the WFBS console and click Help > About to know if the WFBS version is 9.0 SP1. If it is the current version, proceed to Step 3.1

    3.1 Install Hot Fix 2516. When the installation is finished, the Hot Fix History should indicate Hot Fix 2516 or above.

  4. Wait for the TMRM binding at midnight.

    WFBS server will automatically install the TMRM Agent at 00:00:00 at local time. If the TMRM Agent auto-installation fails, it will retry to re-install the agent the following day at the same time.

    To start auto-binding/installation of RM Agent immediately follow the procedure below.

    1. Modify the registry below
      • For x64
        HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\TrendMicro\OfficeScan\service\PrThread Set PerformPrCheckNow (DWORD) to 1
      • For x86
        HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\TrendMicro\OfficeScan\service\PrThread Set PerformPrCheckNow (DWORD) to 1
    2. Refresh the Regedit page, wait for the DWORD changed to 0.
    3. Wait for a few minutes then the TMRM Agent installation process will start automatically.
    Installing the TMRM Agent manually with the use of GUID will not work with the WFBS LMP model. It will only result to an error “The GUID is invalid”. If the above solutions did not resolve the issue, contact Trend Micro Technical Support and provide the OfcDebug.log.

To enable debug log:

  1. Log in to the WFBS console using your account and password.
  2. Click M of TrendMicro and enable log server.

    WFBS console

  3. The log is located in C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\Security Server\PCCSRV\Private\logserver\OfcDebug.log.
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