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Mac Mass Deployment in Worry-Free Business Security Services (WFBS-SVC)

    • Updated:
    • 14 Mar 2020
    • Product/Version:
    • Worry-Free Business Security Services
    • Worry-Free Business Security Services 6.3
    • Worry-Free Business Security Services 6.3
    • Worry-Free Business Security Services 6.5
    • Worry-Free Business Security Services 6.5
    • Worry-Free Business Security Services 6.6
    • Worry-Free Business Security Services 6.6
    • Platform:
    • N/A N/A

Learn more about Mac mass deployment in WFBS-SVC.

  1. Log on to the WFBS-SVC console.
  2. Under Security Agents, go to the target group.
  3. Click Install Add Security Agents > Install on This Endpoint.

    Install on This Endpoint

  4. Click Download to download the package (

    Trend Micro Security Agent installation

  1. In the Add Security Agents page, choose your target device group from the "Add Security Agents to" drop-down list.

    Add Security Agents page

  2. Under the Download Installer section, click Instruction for service providers.

    Click Instruction for service providers

  3. Click Copy Identifier to copy the identifier of this target device group.

    Click Copy Identifier

  4. Create a .plist file ”Identifier.plist” using the content on Apple Remote Desktop server. Replace "Your Identifier" parameter with your identifier.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
    <plist version="1.0">


                    <string>Your Identifier</string>


  5. Save the file as ”Identifier.plist”. (case sensitive)

3.1 Enable Remote Management on client side

Please skip this step if Apple Remote Desktop environment is ready for use.

 3.1.1 On the client side, go to System Preferences and choose Sharing.

System Preference

3.1.2 Select Remote Management.

Remote Management

3.1.3 Select All (hold down the Command key and click one of the boxes to select all) and choose OK.

Remote Management

3.1.4 The Remote Management status should be turned on (green icon).

Remote Management Status

3.1.5 Your device should be scanned from the server side.

3.2 Add clients into the Apple Remote Desktop

3.2.1 On the Apple Remote Desktop server, to find the clients you want to deploy, select Security Agent and drag it into All Computers.

Remote Desktop

3.2.2. Type the username and password of the target client.

Remote Desktop Username and Password

3.2.3. The client device will be marked in the scanner.

Client Device

3.2.4. The target client appears in “All Computers”.

All Computers

3.3 Create 1st task-Copy Identifier.plist

3.3.1 Select the target clients and click the “Copy” icon.

Remote Desktop Copy Icon

3.3.2  Click “+” to select the Identifier.plist

Copy Items

3.3.3  Choose the “Open” button.

Copy Items

3.3.4  From “Place items in:”, select “Specify full path…”

Specify full path…

3.3.5 Insert “/var/tmp/TrendMicro” as the destination path. (case sensitive)

Destination Path

3.3.6  Set “If an item already exists” as “Replace the item”.

Copy Items

3.3.7 Save it and give it a name. For example: “Copy Identifier”.

Save Item

3.3.8  The tasks are now saved.

Saved Tasks

3.4 Create 2nd Task - Install Package

3.4.1 Select the target clients. Choose "Install" icon.

Install Target Clients

3.4.2   Click “+” to select the WFBS-SVC_Agent_Installer.pkg.

Install Packages

3.4.3  Choose “Open” button.

Open Packages

3.4.4  Save the task and give it a name. For example: “Install Package”

4.1.   Run tasks on the server Side

4.1.1 Run the tasks in the sidebar (in sequence):   Run “Copy Identifier” to copy needed file to client.   Run “Install Package” to install security agent on target client.

4.1.2  Make sure the “Current Status” of the target client is available and Task Status shows "Succeeded" if the task has finished.



The Security Agent installation will be completed in silence mode. It may take a while to finish the task.

4.2   Installation succeeded on client side

4.2.1 Once the installation has succeeded on clients, the Agent should be registered to the target device group and the icon appears on the menu.

4.2.2 Trend Micro Security icon shows in Applications.

TM Security Agent icon appears on Applications

1. Where can the "identifier" be found?

1.1 Go to the WFBS-SVC web console and choose the group you want to deploy.

1.2 Choose Add Security Agents.

1.3 Click For Service Providers Instruction for service providers link.

1.4 Copy your identifier.

Copy your identifier

2.Security Agent appears offline but Remote Management on client has been enabled.

2.1 Disable Remote Management and enable it again on client.

3.Security Agent is unable to connect to the server.

3.1  Check your network connection.

3.2 Make sure the Identifier is correct (including the”==”, no line break).

  3.2.1 When running the script, there should be Identifier.plist under “/var/tmp/TrendMicro”. (Case Sensitive)

  3.2.2 This indicates the Identifier.plist has been copied successfully.

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