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What’s new in OfficeScan (OSCE) XG

    • Updated:
    • 8 Dec 2016
    • Product/Version:
    • OfficeScan XG
    • OfficeScan XG.All
    • Platform:
    • Windows 10
    • Windows 2008 32-Bit
    • Windows 2008 64-Bit
    • Windows 2012 Datacenter
    • Windows 2012 Datacenter R2
    • Windows 2012 Server R2
    • Windows 2012 Standard
    • Windows 2012 Standard R2
    • Windows 2016 Server Core
    • Windows 2016 Server Datacenter
    • Windows 2016 Server Standard
    • Windows 7 32-Bit
    • Windows 7 64-Bit
    • Windows 8 32-Bit
    • Windows 8 64-Bit
    • Windows 8.1 32-Bit
    • Windows 8.1 64-Bit

This article is all about the new features and enhancements included in OSCE XG.


Ransomware Protection Enhancements

Your protection against ransomware attacks has been further enhanced to allow OfficeScan agents to recover files encrypted by ransomware threats, block processes associated with ransomware, and prevent compromised executable files from infecting your network.

Newly Encountered Program Protection Enhancement

To more easily maximize your ransomware protection security policy on individual agents, the newly encountered program detection feature has been moved to the Behavior Monitoring settings screen.

You can also customize the message that displays on agent endpoints after a user downloads and executes a newly encountered program.

Predictive Machine Learning

The Predictive Machine Learning engine can protect your network from new, previously unidentified, or unknown threats through advanced file feature analysis and heuristic process monitoring. Predictive Machine Learning can ascertain the probability that a threat exists in a file or process and the probable threat type, protecting you from zero-day attacks.

OfficeScan Edge Relay Server

The OfficeScan Edge Relay server provides you greater visibility and increased protection for endpoints that leave the local intranet by providing the following features:

  • Suspicious Object list synchronization
  • Sample submission
  • Log submission
  • Agent status information submission, such as current pattern and component versions

Suspicious File Sample Submission

To further enhance your integration with a Deep Discovery Virtual Analyzer, OfficeScan agents can now detect and send suspicious files that may contain previously unknown threats directly to the Virtual Analyzer for further analysis. After verifying that a threat exists, the Suspicious Object lists are immediately updated and synchronized to all agents, preventing the threat from spreading across your network.

Dashboard UI Enhancements

The Dashboard has been redesigned to provide better visibility of your network's protection status.

Control Manager Integration Enhancements

To prevent unauthorized communication between the Control Manager and OfficeScan servers, registration to the Control Manager server requires certificate authentication and policy management through the Control Manager server is managed using public-key encryption.

Anti-Exploit Protection

Real-time Scan allows you to detect and block threats using Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) exploits.

Behavior Monitoring can also detect abnormal program behavior that is common to exploit attacks.

Suspicious Connections Enhancement

You can now configure the Suspicious Connections feature to log or block network connections detected by the Global C&C IP list and malware network fingerprinting.

Firewall Enhancements

The application filter of the OfficeScan Firewall now supports Windows 8 and later platforms. You can grant OfficeScan agent users the privilege of configuring the firewall security level and exceptions list.

Independent Mode

The previously named "Roaming" mode has been renamed as "Independent" mode.

Platform and Browser Support

This version of OfficeScan provides support for Microsoft™ Windows™ Server 2016.

This version of OfficeScan discontinued support of the Apache Web Server.

Please refer to the Administrator Guide or Online Help for more information.

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