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Reinstalling PHP and Plug-in Manager (PLM) of OfficeScan (OSCE) 11.0

    • Updated:
    • 13 Mar 2020
    • Product/Version:
    • OfficeScan 11.0
    • OfficeScan 11.0
    • Platform:
    • Windows 2000 Advanced Server
    • Windows 2000 Professional
    • Windows 2000 Server
    • Windows 2003 32-Bit
    • Windows 2003 64-Bit
    • Windows 2003 Datacenter 64-bit
    • Windows 2003 Enterprise
    • Windows 2003 Enterprise 64-bit
    • Windows 2003 Server R2
    • Windows 2003 Standard
    • Windows 2003 Standard 64-bit
    • Windows 2008 32-Bit
    • Windows 2008 64-Bit
    • Windows 2008 Datacenter
    • Windows 2008 Datacenter 64-bit
    • Windows 2008 Enterprise
    • Windows 2008 Enterprise 64-bit
    • Windows 2008 Server Core
    • Windows 2008 Server R2 Enterprise
    • Windows 2008 Standard
    • Windows 2008 Standard 64-bit
    • Windows 2008 Web Server Edition
    • Windows 2008 Web Server Edition 64-bit
    • Windows 2012
    • Windows 2012 Datacenter
    • Windows 2012 Datacenter R2
    • Windows 2012 Enterprise
    • Windows 2012 Enterprise R2
    • Windows 2012 Server Essential R2
    • Windows 2012 Server Essentials
    • Windows 2012 Server R2
    • Windows 2012 Standard
    • Windows 2012 Standard R2
    • Windows 2012 Web Server Edition
    • Windows 2016
    • Windows 2016 Server Core
    • Windows 2016 Server Datacenter
    • Windows 2016 Server Standard

There are cases wherein you need to reinstall PHP (i.e. errors in the Dashboard page) and Plug-in Manager of OSCE 11.0. This KB article provides you the steps when reinstalling PLM and PHP.


Do the following:

  1. Run the PLM uninstall string.
    1. Open the Registry Editor.
      Always back up the whole registry before making any modifications. Incorrect changes to the registry can cause serious system problems.
    2. Go to ..\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall and look for the registry entry.
    3. Click Start > Run and type “UninstallString” value in the field.

      This will open the Trend Micro Plug-in Manager installation wizard that will give you the option to uninstall PLM.

      Trend Micro Plug-in Manager installation wizard

  2. Extract osce-11.0-SP1-all-in-one.exe with 7zip.
  3. Browse the extracted FileGroup750 folder for PLMSetup.exe.
  4. Run PLMSetup.exe as administrator and choose Remove to uninstall Plug-in Manager.

    Remove Trend Micro Plug-in Manager

  5. Click Next.
  6. Go to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features and uninstall PHP from the list.
  7. Log in to the OSCE web console and install Plug-in Manager.
    PHP is automatically installed during Plug-in Manager installation.

    Plug-in Manager Required

  8. Recreate OSCE virtual directory by following the instructions in the following KB (Option B): Recreating Virtual Directory for OfficeScan (OSCE).
  9. Reset PHP_via_FastCGI permission by instructions in the following KB (i.e. Go to the Summary screen...): "Server Error" or "PHP Error" appears on the Summary Page of the OfficeScan management console.
For more OSCE XG information, please refer to the following KB article: Dashboard errors because of PHP Permission issue in OfficeScan (OSCE).
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