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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about OfficeScan (OSCE) XG

    • Updated:
    • 8 Apr 2020
    • Product/Version:
    • OfficeScan XG
    • OfficeScan XG.All
    • Platform:
    • Windows 10
    • Windows 2003 32-Bit
    • Windows 2003 64-Bit
    • Windows 2008 32-Bit
    • Windows 2008 64-Bit
    • Windows 2012
    • Windows 2016
    • Windows 7 32-Bit
    • Windows 7 64-Bit
    • Windows 8 32-Bit
    • Windows 8 64-Bit
    • Windows 8.1 32-Bit
    • Windows 8.1 64-Bit

This article provides answers to common questions about OSCE XG.


The FAQs are organized by category as shown below:

Can you direct syslog events to OfficeScan XG?No, this will still require Control Manager.
Will there be a way to customize the scheduled reports?Customized reports can be done in Control Manager but not currently in OfficeScan XG.
Do Control Manager policies in OfficeScan 11.0 work in the XG version?Yes, existing policies will continue to work.
Does OfficeScan XG support Windows XP and Windows 2003?The OfficeScan XG agent still supports Windows XP and Windows 2003. For more information, please refer to this article.
I am running the previous OfficeScan 12.0 beta. Is there a direct upgrade to the final XG version?Just download the final released version and run it. It will upgrade the beta to the new master production build.
What is the relation between OfficeScan 12.0 and XG?OfficeScan XG is the official release name of what was previously known as OfficeScan 12.0 in beta. They are one and the same.
Why should I upgrade from OfficeScan 12.0 beta to XG?OfficeScan XG is the final production release, while OfficeScan 12.0 beta is a beta build. A number of bugs from the new beta have been addressed in the production release.
Does OfficeScan XG support the newest Windows 10 RS1?Yes, it does.
What is the overhead cost on endpoints with OfficeScan XG over previous versions? Is it a noticeable increase?Based on internal testing, the overhead difference between previous versions is very minor.
Is this an add-on to OfficeScan 11.0 or a completely new installation that will also require upgrading all of our existing clients?OfficeScan XG is the next major version of OfficeScan and would require upgrades on both server and clients.
Is it available as an upgrade only? Or can we do a fresh installation of OfficeScan XG?OfficeScan XG is the latest full major version of the product and can be installed as both a fresh install and an upgrade from previous versions.
Can I go directly from OfficeScan 10.6 to OfficeScan XG?Yes. OfficeScan 10.6 Service Pack 3 is a supported upgrade path. For more information, please refer to this article.
Is it a redeployment/installation of clients, or a policy update once the console/server is upgraded to OfficeScan XG?It would be an upgrade to the agent software.
Do I need to upgrade each client manually, one by one?No. It will upgrade automatically just as it does with previous versions because the upgrade path is supported.
Is there any risk upgrading from an OfficeScan server running Apache?Apache will be converted to IIS when upgrading to OfficeScan XG.
How much additional disk space is required for in place upgrade?Please refer to System Requirements.
What Windows server version is not supported by OfficeScan XG?Windows Server 2003 and below is not supported for the server install. However, the agent is still supported.
How long is the Windows XP agent going to be supported?Trend Micro only guarantees continued support for Windows XP platforms until January 30, 2018. See more details in this article.
Should we use OfficeScan to protect all servers?That depends on your use case. We provide a variety of different products to provide protection for many different use cases. Server Protect, OfficeScan, and Deep Security all come with different benefits and different challenges depending on your environment.
Does OfficeScan XG support mutli-language?The initial release is in English, but several localized versions in other major languages will be released soon.
What is the minimum VMWare requirement for OfficeScan XG?Please refer to System Requirements.
When upgrading from an older version to OfficeScan XG, can I control which endpoint(s) get upgraded?Yes, please refer to this article.
Is High Fidelity (Predictive) Machine Learning enabled by default after upgrading from OfficeScan 11.0 to OfficeScan XG?Yes, it is enabled by default for desktop operating systems and we allow you the choice to also enable it for server operating system machines.
Will High Fidelity (Predictive) Machine Learning work in virtual desktop environments?Yes.
Does High Fidelity (Predictive) Machine Learning only work while running a Full Scan, Real-Time Scan, or both?Predicative Machine Learning is active during Real-Time Scanning.
Does OfficeScan XG support High Fidelity (Predictive) Machine Learning on Mac computers?Macs are still covered by the Trend Micro Security for Mac product, which is different from OfficeScan and doesn't support High Fidelity (Predictive) Machine Learning yet.
What is Trend doing to handle adaptive malware that can now detect that it is running in a sandbox environment?High Fidelity (Predictive) Machine Learning is actually very good at detecting this type of adaptive malware.
Does High Fidelity (Predictive) Machine Learning use the existing exclusion lists?Yes. It uses both the Behavior Monitoring and Real-Time Scan exclusion lists.
What's the difference between High Fidelity and Heuristic scanning?High Fidelity refers to unique dual approach with both pre-execution and runtime machine learning as well as noise cancelling abilities using Census and the Certified Safe Software Service to reduce false positives in machine learning. Heuristic scanning looks at file characteristics.
Can OfficeScan XG be deployed to a VDI Linked Clone environment? My virtual desktops revert back to the golden image after logging off.Trend Micro has a VDI plugin and a tool to create a golden image cache/pre-scan. Just use our VDI Plug-in and the best practices for VDI.
Is there any firewall improvement on OfficeScan XG?In the initial GM build of OfficeScan XG, there are no significant changes to the firewall. However, we continually enhance different components of the product through updated patches and builds.
What does OfficeScan XG do to address zero-day mail attachments and links in spam?OfficeScan XG employs an Advanced Threat Scan Engine that helps to target and address these kind of threats.
Does Trend Micro Smart Feedback send my file to the cloud? Is there a way to disable Trend Micro Smart Feedback?OfficeScan XG does not send the full file to Trend Micro cloud when utilizing Smart Feedback. It is possible to disable it, but it is strongly recommended to keep it enabled for the best possible protection against zero-day and advanced threats.
How can we prevent an internally-developed application from being mistakenly flagged as malicious?For internally-developed applications, there is always that risk unless they are published externally and digitally signed. The easiest way to keep this from happening is to ensure that your internal apps are added to the whitelists (both Behavior Monitoring and Real-Time Scan). If the executables are signed with a third-party verified signature, you can also add them to the global Trusted Programs list. This is the same process as with the previous builds of OfficeScan 11.0. See more details in this article.
Is the new XG version HA capable? Meaning 2 consoles running on active/passive mode? Can we point the agents to 2 consoles at once?Yes. OfficeScan XG has same capability as previous versions in terms of cluster support.
Does OfficeScan XG provide the Hashes of the files detected?For High Fidelity (Predictive) Machine Learning, OfficeScan XG will provide the file hashes. For Real-Time Scan and newly-encountered program detection, no hash is displayed.
Does OfficeScan XG support Conventional Scan?Yes, XG still has conventional scanning capability.
Does OfficeScan XG have any effect on Vulnerability Protection?No, OfficeScan XG doesn’t affect Vulnerability Protection.
Is it possible to automatically set up weekly reports with email notification?It depends on the report that you want. For example, the compliance report can be set up for a report to be sent to your email address on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis by going to Assessment > Security compliance > Scheduled report.
What's the benefit of connecting OfficeScan XG to Trend Micro Control Manager (TMCM)?Trend Micro Control Manager allows for central management of multiple Trend Micro technologies, and is a requirement if you are interested in deploying the Connected Threat Defense features in conjunction with Trend Micro Deep Discovery Analyzer.
Does enabling Web Reputation require user interaction?No, it doesn't.
Is Apache supported on OfficeScan XG server?No. Support for Apache has been dropped from OfficeScan XG. It only supports IIS going forward.
Is Google Chrome a supported web browser for the console?Yes, Chrome is supported for the OfficeScan XG web console.
Does OfficeScan XG support wildcard or environment variables in the Trusted Program list?It is not yet currently supported, but it is being looked at for a potential later update.
Does OfficeScan XG have SQL database?Yes, you can migrate from Codebase to SQL, just as you can with OfficeScan 11.0.
Does OfficeScan XG need a standalone Smart Protection Server?You can choose to use either the integrated or standalone SmartScan server. SPS 3.1 supports OfficeScan XG.
Is it possible to set up the automatic file back size?This can be adjusted. Please contact Trend Micro Technical Support for further assistance.
Will OfficeScan XG detect items that were previously only found in virtual patching?Not necessarily, since OfficeScan XG is detecting malicious files, while virtualpatching is looking for vulnerabilities in the operating system or applications on the endpoints and patching those. OfficeScan XG might detect a file that is trying to leverage one of those vulnerabilities but it's looking for malicious intent in a file and not necessarily just unpatched vulnerabilities in your OS and applications.
Is there or will there be a possibility to control or create policies based on user or group membership rather than computer-based only?At this time, the policies are limited to a machine in OfficeScan XG.
Does OfficeScan XG detect spam email?No, OfficeScan XG does not scan for spam. Customers interested in this capability are encouraged to look at solutions such as Trend Micro ScanMail for advanced email scanning.
Where can we learn more about Trend Micro Machine Learning Technology?Please visit for more information and look for the technical white paper.
Will OfficeScan support Linux?At this time, customers wishing to protect Linux-based machines are encouraged to check out Trend Micro’s Deep Security products or the Smart Protection Suites include ServerProtect for Linux along with OfficeScan.
Can standalone SPS be upgraded from 3.0 to 3.1.Yes.
Does OfficeScan support custom grouping of machines?Yes. This capability is no different than OfficeScan 11.0 or previous versions. We do support grouping by several different methods (e.g. AD sync, NetBIOS names) as well as manual grouping.
What is the website or phone number to open a case in the new OfficeScan XG?Customers needing assistance are encouraged to visit
Can tech support help us with installing OfficeScan XG? I could build a new server 2012 vm then download OfficeScan XG, call, and get a support ticket open for options?Support will assist with issues and questions, but they won't help with the install itself. If you are a PSP customer, reach out to your CSM for more details about PSP options.
How is OfficeScan XG different from other “next gen” protection products, such as those sold by FalconStrike (CrowdStrike)?Think of products like CrowdStrike as a “one-trick pony” in that, specifically, they provide primary protection using a type of machine learning technology focused on catching malicious Windows PE type (EXE) files. Whereas OfficeScan XG is different in that we COMBINE Trend Micro’s implementation of “next gen” detection (e.g. High Fidelity [Predictive] Machine Learning) with our robust set of advanced malware scanning, behavior monitoring, application control, and intrusion prevention solutions to provide a much more comprehensive net of protection for our customers.
What's the difference between OfficeScan XG and Deep Discovery?OfficeScan XG is for designed primarily for endpoint protection, whereas Deep Discovery is for network monitoring (DDI) and sandboxing (DDAn). Deep Discovery sandboxing can be used with OfficeScan to provide an additional layer of protection automically on your local network.
For the endpoints that have installed Deep Security, will the security compliance feature in OfficeScan XG tag them as unmanaged/unprotected?As with the previous version of OfficeScan, the endpoints with Deep Security will show as unprotected endpoints in the OfficeScan report. We are considering to address this in a future update to OfficeScan.
Can the new suspicious file submission be used with sandbox analysis products other than Deep Discovery like those from Palo Alto Networks WildFire, Fire Eye, CheckPoint, etc.?No, Deep Discovery is the only solution at this time that is supported with this feature.
Is there integration between ScanMail and OfficeScan XG?Other than using them in a comprehensive layered security management approach, there are no special integration components between these two products. However, customers utilizing multiple Trend Micro products may consolidate their dashboard visibility, management, and reporting using Trend Micro Control Manager (TMCM), which supports both OfficeScan XG and ScanMail as well as other Trend Micro products.
Does OfficeScan XG support PxGrid?PcGrid is not supported.
If I don't have Deep Discovery Analyzer, will OfficeScan XG still work effectively?Customers can still utilize the core protection features of OfficeScan XG (e.g. High Fidelity [Predictive] Machine Learning) without having to deploy other solutions. However, in order to take advantage of some specific features in its most effective forms, like Connected Threat Defense, you would want to deploy Deep Discovery Analyzer to recognize the full benefits.
Is there any disadvantage to using OfficeScan XG High Fidelity (Predictive) Machine Learning without Deep Discovery Analyzer?High Fidelity (Predictive) Machine Learning is completely separate from the Deep Discovery Analyzer sandbox integration. However, customers who deploy the different parts of Trend Micro’s Connected Defense will see more effective detection/protection then either solution alone.
Can OfficeScan XG replace EMET?Even though OfficeScan XG does have some exploit prevention capabilities that can overlap with EMET, it is still recommended that customers utilize EMET if Anti-Exploit is very important.
Can OfficeScan XG’s Anti-Exploit feature coexist with Microsoft’s EMET?OfficeScan XG’s Anti-Exploit is designed for customers who don’t already have a specialized Anti-Exploit solution like EMET already deployed. Therefore, if OfficeScan XG detects that EMET is already installed, it will automatically disable its Anti-Exploit function to prevent any conflict.
Should I be concerned about false positives with Anti-Exploit Protection?Unfortunately, no solution can guarantee a 0% false positive rate. However, they can be minimized by activities such as whitelisting, getting vendors on Trend Micro Certified Safe Software program, or getting a digitally signed piece of software onto a Trend Micro safe list.
Does the Anti-Exploit leverage the same whitelist from the OfficeScan server?Anti-Exploit is different from standard program whitelisting in that is focuses on behaviors vs files.
Is Anti-Exploit part of Behavior Monitoring or enabled/disabled separately?Anti-Exploit is part of Behavior Monitoring (BM), but there is a separate box under BM to enable/disable this specific feature.
Will my current licensing cover deploying the agent to a Mac or do I need a separate license?It depends on the license that you have. Most suites include licenses for both OfficeScan + its plugins like Security for Mac.
Is there any additional license needed for Edge server?No.
Is Edge Server a virtual appliance?No, Edge Server is an application that runs on Windows 2008 R2 server or newer.
Can the Edge Server be hosted by Trend Micro?No, but you could deploy it in the cloud if that is better for your architecture.
Does the smart scan query from off-premise agents come in through Edge Server?No. Smart Scan is a different technology. If the endpoint is off the network, it will communicate with Trend Micro global Smart Scan Servers, and it will update from the global Active Update servers, if the agent is allowed to do so.
Is there another server required for the Edge Server?Edge Server would work like a web service and support the Windows 2012 R2 and built-in IIS only.
Does the OfficeScan High Fidelity (Predictive) Machine Learning XG upgrade also allow updates for MAC OS agents?OfficeScan XG is only for Windows machines but there is a plug-in for MacOS, called Trend Micro Security for Mac.
Is Mac agent management still separate from the main agent management in console?Yes.

For further questions, please contact Trend Micro Technical Support for assistance.

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