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ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange (SMEX)12.0 Service Pack 1 is now available

    • Updated:
    • 26 Jan 2017
    • Product/Version:
    • ScanMail for Exchange 12.0
    • ScanMail for Exchange 12.0
    • Platform:
    • N/A N/A

SMEX 12.0 SP1 is now released and posted on Trend Micro’s Download Center.


The new features of SMEX 12.0 SP1 are as follows:

  • Support for monitoring advanced threats
  • Sender Approved List for Virtual Analyzer configuration
  • Support for URL sandboxing
  • Bypass malware protection for resending messages
  • Saving of message subject and body for later reuse

Below are some of the enhancements in this service pack:

  • Installation - This version of SMEX installation supports upgrade from the previous version that connects to the database using Windows authentication.
  • Ransomware visibility - This version of SMEX provides separate information about ransomware on the Summary screen, and also in SMEX logs and reports.
  • Virtual Analyzer integration – This version of SMEX reduces the false positive for the following scenarios:
    • For the real-time virus scanning, the suspicious files don’t need to be submitted to the Virtual Analyzer server because of settings like message target recipients or message sender approved list.
    • For the manual scanning, the Advanced Threat Scan Engine scanning level is changed to level 1.
  • Data Loss Prevention - This version of SMEX reduced the false positive of Data Loss Prevention filter.
  • Spam Logs - This version of SMEX supports sending its spam logs to Control Manager (TMCM).
  • Content Filtering - This version of SMEX enhanced the Regular Expression of Content Filtering to scan hyperlink in HTML format message.
  • Generic Macro Notification - This version of SMEX enables notification if any generic macro is detected.
  • Attachment Blocking - This version of SMEX increased the size of attachment types and attachment names on Attachment Blocking page.
  • SMEX Web Site - This version of SMEX will remove HTTP access from its virtual Web site if both HTTP and HTTPS are bound.

For a complete list of the new features and enhancements, refer to the Readme.

If you are currently running SMEX 12.0 or 12.0 Patch 1, Trend Micro recommends that you install this service pack.

Download SMEX 12.0 SP1 here.

You may also check the Administrator's Guide or the Installation Guide for reference.

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