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Configuring the AirWatch account for Mobile Security (TMMS) for Enterprise 9.7

    • Updated:
    • 13 Mar 2020
    • Product/Version:
    • Mobile Security For Enterprise 9.7
    • Platform:
    • Windows

This article shows you how to configure the AirWatch account for TMMS for Enterprise 9.7.

TMMS for Enterprise 9.7 supports the integration with AirWatch. If a user decides to integrate TMMS for Enterprise with AirWatch, they need to have an AirWatch account to be used for the communication between the TMMS server and AirWatch.

AirWatch Account


The user will need to configure the permissions on AirWatch. Choose any of the following options:

The created account may need to call the REST API to collect information, and some configuration in the AirWatch console is needed.

AirWatch Administrator 

This option needs configuration from the TMMS web console and the AirWatch console.

API Only 


For settings that will be changed in the AirWatch console, refer to this article: Configuring the auto-launch function of the Mobile Security (TMMS) for Enterprise Android agent using AirWatch.

This option allows the administrator to select specific REST APIs to be used.

The table below shows the specific REST APIs that TMMS use, and should be enabled:

Admin User ManagementSearch Admin User
WTag ManagementCreate Tag
Search Tag
Add Devices to the Tag
Remove Devices from Tag
Retrieve Devices with Specific Tag
Smart Group ManagementCreate Smart Group
Search Smart Groups
Delete Smart Groups
Application Group ManagementCreate Application Group
Search Application Group
Retrieve Application Group Details
Add Application to an Application Group
Delete Application from the Application Group
Application ManagementInternal Application Install : Upload Application Chunks (iOS and Android)
Internal Application Install : Begin Internal Application Install
Device ManagementRetrieve Device Information
Device Extensive Search
Device Count Info

The AirWatch REST permission settings page does not have permission for each API, but provides a lot of API Series (e.g. Admin API, APPs API, etc.). End-users will need consult with AirWatch regarding what REST API permission need to be enabled in the settings page.

AirWatch REST 

Configure; SPEC
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