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Ideas Exchange FAQs

    • Updated:
    • 25 Mar 2019
    • Product/Version:
    • Apex Central
    • Apex One
    • Control Manager
    • Deep Security
    • OfficeScan
    • ScanMail for Exchange
    • Scanmail for IBM Domino
    • Platform:
    • N/A N/A

Trend Micro welcomes you to the Ideas Exchange. It is a community that enables you to share your thoughts on how we can improve our products and services. While sharing, you can review and vote on other community members' ideas as well.

You may access the Ideas Exchange at


Ideas will be reviewed on a quarterly basis and presented to the Product Management teams for consideration. Ideas with the most votes will be presented first, while less popular ideas will remain on the Idea Exchange to allow for more votes. There isn't a set number of "top ideas" that will be presented. This will vary on the complexity of the top ideas and how many can be accommodated in the upcoming release cycle.

The following explains what each status means in detail:

  • Needs More Votes
    This means that the Idea is still new, has not yet been reviewed or has not been declared a top idea in it's product category. If you submitted an idea that is remaining in this status, try rewording the title and description to have more detail and catch the eye of other community members.
  • Under Review
    This means that the Idea has been selected as a top idea in it's product category and is being presented to our Product Management team for consideration. This review and approval is about a 2 month process, so we ask for your patience as a decision is being rendered. If you were the origional poster, or a voter for this idea, you may be contacted to provide further details.
  • On Roadmap
    This means that the Idea has been accepted by our Product Management team for inclusion in a future release. Although we do not always have details as to which release, we will do our best to share details when available.
  • Not Planned
    This means that the Idea is not planned to be implemented into the selected product. Our Product Management team will keep it in mind for the future.
  • Delivered
    This means that the Idea as matured into a released feature or product!

There are also rare occasions where we will set the status to Technical Issue. This is only used when we believe the Idea the result of a bug or misconfiguration of our product. In these cases someone from our Technical Support team will reach out.

The Ideas Exchange is a safe place to share your ideas. To ensure we keep the community welcoming and collaborative, we have established a few rules of engagement:

  • No personal attacks. Comments can be engaging but courteous and respectful.
  • Keep Ideas on topic. Create a new idea for any new topics.
  • No spam, advertisements or otherwise inappropriate comments or posts.
  • No obscene, indecent, hateful, offensive, defamatory, abusive, harassing or profane material.
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