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Information about the Agent Debug Tool for OfficeScan/Apex One

    • Updated:
    • 7 Sep 2021
    • Product/Version:
    • Apex One as a Service
    • OfficeScan 11.0
    • OfficeScan XG
    • Platform:
    • N/A N/A
    • Windows 10
    • Windows 10 32-bit
    • Windows 10 64-bit
    • Windows 2000 Advanced Server
    • Windows 2000 Professional
    • Windows 2000 Server
    • Windows 2003 32-Bit
    • Windows 2003 64-Bit
    • Windows 2003 Datacenter 64-bit
    • Windows 2003 Enterprise
    • Windows 2003 Enterprise 64-bit
    • Windows 2003 Server R2
    • Windows 2003 Standard
    • Windows 2003 Standard 64-bit
    • Windows 2008 32-Bit
    • Windows 2008 64-Bit
    • Windows 2008 Datacenter
    • Windows 2008 Datacenter 64-bit
    • Windows 2008 Enterprise
    • Windows 2008 Enterprise 64-bit
    • Windows 2008 Server Core
    • Windows 2008 Server R2 Enterprise
    • Windows 2008 Standard
    • Windows 2008 Standard 64-bit
    • Windows 2008 Web Server Edition
    • Windows 2008 Web Server Edition 64-bit
    • Windows 2012
    • Windows 2012 Datacenter
    • Windows 2012 Datacenter R2
    • Windows 2012 Enterprise
    • Windows 2012 Enterprise R2
    • Windows 2012 Server Essential R2
    • Windows 2012 Server Essentials
    • Windows 2012 Server R2
    • Windows 2012 Standard
    • Windows 2012 Standard R2
    • Windows 2012 Web Server Edition
    • Windows 2016
    • Windows 2016 Server Core
    • Windows 2016 Server Datacenter
    • Windows 2016 Server Standard
    • Windows 7 32-Bit
    • Windows 7 64-Bit
    • Windows 8 32-Bit
    • Windows 8 64-Bit
    • Windows 8.1 32-Bit
    • Windows 8.1 64-Bit
    • Windows Vista 32-bit
    • Windows Vista 64-bit
    • Windows XP Home
    • Windows XP Professional
    • Windows XP Professional 64-bit

The Agent Debug Tool for OfficeScan/Apex One may help in the following situations:

  • You encounter performance issues or third-party app compatibility issues/conflicts with an installed Officescan/Apex One agent.
  • Your OfficeScan/Apex One agent is shown as "Offline" on the System Tray.
  • Your OfficeScan/Apex One agent components are not up-to-date
  • You have an update issue with the OfficeScan/Apex One agent.
  • You have a general issue with OfficeScan/Apex One installed and you cannot distinguish which component is the root cause.
  • You need a software that can help record the reproducing steps of an issue into a video.
  • You want to enable/collect a specific OfficeScan/Apex One module's debug log, system information, environment information, etc.

If you have one of the above problems or are in one of the aforementioned situations, you may use the Agent Debug Tool for OfficeScan/Apex One.

You need to contact with Trend Micro Technical Support to get a copy of this tool, which is a troubleshooting assistant.

The Agent Debug Tool for OfficeScan/Apex One is capable of the following:

  • Narrowing down Root Cause Module
  • Enabling and collecting Module Debug Log
  • Collecting system/product information similar to the Case Diagnostic Tool (CDT) Tool 
  • Basic troubleshooting for offline agent issues  and update issues
  • Screen recording: MP4 video recording for issue replication
  • Real-time monitoring of OfficeScan service/driver status
  • Others

Below is the Agent Debug Tool's main user interface (UI):

Agent Debug Tool

Agent Debug Tool

Configure; Troubleshoot; Deploy; Update
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