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ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange (SMEX) 12.5 Service Pack 1 is now available

    • Updated:
    • 6 Aug 2018
    • Product/Version:
    • ScanMail for Exchange 12.5
    • ScanMail for Exchange 12.5
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    • N/A N/A

SMEX 12.5 SP1 is now released and posted on Trend Micro’s Download Center.


The new features of SMEX 12.5 SP1 are as follows:

  • Writing Style Training
    This version of ScanMail integrates with Trend Micro‘s Writing Style DNA technology as an additional layer of protection for your organization’s users against Business Email Compromise (BEC) threats. It scans the written English email messages of a desired individual to learn their particular writing style, and then generates a writing style model on the email system.

  • Writing Style Verification
    This version of ScanMail allows administrators to enable writing style verification using the model to compare with the user’s subsequent English email messages allowing detection of probable BEC attacks.

  • Connected Threat Defense Integration
    This version of ScanMail enables administrators to configure ScanMail synchronize suspicious object list for file objects from the Trend Micro Control Manager server. Control Manager brings together Trend Micro products and solutions to help you detect, analyze, and respond to targeted attacks and advanced threats, before they unleash lasting damage.

As an enhancement, SMEX 12.5 SP1 enables administrators to configure scheduled scan to pause after a certain number of hours. If the scan pauses before it completes, it resumes at the next scheduled date and time.

SMEX 12.5 SP1 also includes fixes from the following hot fixes and patches created for previous versions of SMEX:

  • SMEX 12.5 Hot Fix 1307:
    This hot fix resolves the problem where users encounter an HTTP 500 Internal Server Error after clicking the Logon With Credentials Domain option in the login screen of the SMEX web console.

  • SMEX 12.5 Hot Fix 1310:
    This hot fix enables the eManager module to support hyperlink extraction. This change can resolve the issue where SMEX does not extract hyperlinks from email file attachments.

  • SMEX 12.5 Hot Fix 1312:
    This hot fix enables high profile users list to use "\t" to separate user information fields on the list. This change resolves the issue where a user is not saved to the high profile users list if its first, last, or domain name contains a comma.

  • SMEX 12.5 Hot Fix 1316:
    This hot fix ensures that Attachment Blocking tracing logs record all attachments that pass through SMEX. This change resolves the issue where Attachment Blocking tracing logs may not record all the attachments that pass through SMEX.

  • SMEX 12.5 Hot Fix 1318:
    This hot fix provides an option to configure SMEX to skip the extracting and scanning of URLs in digitally signed email messages. This change can resolve the issue where SMEX cannot extract URLs correctly from digitally signed email messages.

  • SMEX 12.5 Hot Fix 1320:
    This version of ScanMail increases the DNS query timeout value for the Predictive Machine Learning service to resolve the error, "Predictive Machine Learning cannot be enabled because of a timeout."

  • SMEX 12.5 Hot Fix 1321:
    This version allows you to enable ScanMail to move an internal email message (considered as a spam or containing suspicious URLs) to the junk email folder if users selected the "Quarantine message to user's spam folder" action.

  • SMEX 12.5 Hot Fix 1322:
    This version ensures that ScanMail can send notification email messages to senders for Web Reputation violations if users selected the "Notify sender" option.

  • SMEX 12.5 Hot Fix 1323:
    This version of ScanMail fixes the Attachment Blocking OLE Scan feature malfunction.

  • SMEX 12.5 Hot Fix 1324:
    This version of ScanMail ensures that users can query Virtual Analyzer Submission logs with no system errors after querying other logs by attachment name.

  • SMEX 12.5 Hot Fix 2020:
    This hot fix updates the error handling mechanism allowing ScanMail to handle "NO_SUPP_ERROR" and "BAD_ZIP_ERR" errors from the VSAPI.

  • SMEX 12.5 Hot Fix 2021:
    This hot fix ensures that scheduled updates run right on schedule. This resolves the issue where successive scheduled updates are delayed by one to two seconds.

  • SMEX 12.0 Hot Fix 1801:
    This hot fix resolves the resend failure issue that when users attempt to resend the original message of a quarantined email message if the total length of all recipient addresses in the "TO", "CC", and "BCC" fields exceed 8192 bytes.

  • SMEX 12.0 Service Pack 1 Patch 3:
    This patch includes several enhancements. Please refer to the patch Readme for details.

For a complete list of the new features and enhancements, refer to the Readme.

If you are currently running SMEX 12.5, Trend Micro recommends that you install SMEX 12.5 SP1.

Download the ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange 12.5 SP1 installer.

You may also check the Administrator's Guide or the Installation and Upgrade Guide for reference.

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