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Information about the Edge Relay Server for Apex One

    • Updated:
    • 14 Oct 2021
    • Product/Version:
    • Apex One All.All
    • Platform:

This article describes the Edge Relay for Apex One, and the changes made from the version in OfficeScan XG.

  • Apex One requires Edge Relay be upgraded to the new version.
    • The new version of Edge Relay is NOT backwards compatible. If older XG servers will remain, they will need a second Edge Relay to support both versions.
    • In-place upgrade for Edge Relay is supported. Copy the \PCCSRV\Admin\Utility\EdgeServer folder to the Edge Relay server and run setup.exe to upgrade.
  • Changes to a Reverse Proxy method using IIS rewrite modules.
  • Apex One Server does not connect to the Edge Relay Server. All communication is traffic forwarding based on ReWrite rules from Edge Relay-to-Apex One server.
    • No longer requires a database – Edge Relay forwards all traffic to the relevant Apex One Server.
    • On upgrade, it will no longer use the SQL database from the previous version.
  • Edge Relay now supports:
    • Uploading of detection logs
    • Sample Submissions
    • Configuration
    • Hot fix or patch upgrades
    Engine and pattern updates will be retrieved from AU servers.
  • Still supports multiple Apex One servers, but registration is command line from the Edge Relay Server.
  • No Trend Micro running services on the machine for the Edge Relay.
  • Determines on-premise/off-premise on IP Change.
  • The Off-Premise endpoint report backs up logs, submits samples, and updates the Suspicious Object (SO) List to the Edge server. The port information is shown below:
    Web Server and SettingsHTTPS Listen PortDirection
    External (Agent to Edge)443 (configurable)Inbound
    Internal (Edge server to Apex One server)4343 (default)Inbound

    Edge Relay Server Off-Premise management

    Refer to this article for more information about the ports and protocols used by OfficeScan/Apex One that should be allowed through a firewall or router.
  • Server 2012 or later
  • .NET Framework 4.6.1
  • VC 2017 Update 3 Redistribution (x86 and x64)
  • Installer – Path:
    • %ProgramFiles%\Trend Micro\Apex One Edge Relay\
  • Installer – Website:
    • Input or Select certificate for Website
    • IP address: Select a binding IP
    • Port: web server port ( Default: 443)
    • No longer requires to specify two IP Addresses and ports as the Apex One Server will not connect to Edge Relay. Need an external FQDN and IP.
  • Fresh Install uses Default Website
  • Upgrade – Keeps OfficeScanEdge site
  • Website Certificate
    • LOCAL_MACHINE\Web Hosting

      Edge Relay Server

    • Can be replaced with customer’s own CA provided certificate
  • Client Certificate
      • LOCAL_MACHINE\OfcEdge
      • Subject: OsceOPA
      • Issuer: Must be in the Trusted Root CA

    Edge Relay Server

  • Agent cannot updated certificate while off-premise. Must be on intranet and able to connect to the Apex One server to update.
  • <EdgeRelay Dir>\OfcEdgeSrv\Private\OfcEdge.ini
  • OPA – The password to protect OsceOPA.pfx
  • OPAThumprint – The checksum of the OsceOPA certificate in the certificate store

Register Edge Relay Service to Apex One server:

ofcedgecfg.exe --cmd reg --server <server address> --port <port> --pwd <root password>


Unregister Edge Relay Service to Apex One server:

ofcedgecfg.exe --cmd unreg --server <server address> --port <port> --pwd <root password>

Renew certificate

Renew self-signed certificate includes OsceEdgeRoot CA, web host and OsceOPA certificates:

ofcedgecfg.exe --cmd renewcert --opacertpwd <OsceOPA certificate password> [--keeprootca]

Delete rule

Delete all IIS rules after unregistering from all Apex One servers:

ofcedgecfg.exe --cmd delrule


--cmd reg Register to an Apex One server
--cmd unreg Unregister from an Apex One server


--server <VALUE> Apex One server IP address
--port <VALUE> Apex One server port number
--pwd <VALUE> Apex One server 'root' account password


ofcedgecfg.exe --cmd reg --server <server address> --port <port> --pwd <root password>
ofcedgecfg.exe --cmd unreg --server <server address> --port <port> --pwd <root password>

For information applicable to off-premise agents, refer to Information sent to Edge Relay Server from off-premise agents in OfficeScan.

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