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Configuring L2TP VPN for Trend Micro Cloud Edge

    • Updated:
    • 14 Mar 2020
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Cloud Edge L2TP VPN allows remote users to establish secure connections to the internal company network over a public network such as the Internet.

Cloud Edge L2TP/IPsec VPNs use a Windows standard L2TP/IPsec configuration.

  1. Access the Cloud Edge Cloud Console, and then navigate to Gateways > Select Gateway > L2TP VPN.
  2. Enable L2TP VPN.
  3. L2TP VPN will work by configuring the Basic Settings.

    L2TP Basic Settings

    Assign IP address using: Select between IP address pool/DHCP. DHCP option will ask you to input the DHCP server address and Cloud Edge interface it is connected to
    Client network pool: Specify IP pool and CIDR notation
    Preshared Key: Used to authenticate the L2TP endpoints while establishing the connection
  4. Configure Advanced Settings as you prefer, and click Save.

    L2TP Advanced Settings

  5. Click Deploy Allto deploy L2TP VPN settings onto the Cloud Edge appliance.

    Cloud Edge - Gateway

  6. Access Administration > Hosted Users & Groups, click Addunder Hosted Users.

    Cloud Edge - Hosted Users

    Setup the username and password, because clients connecting to Cloud Edge via L2TP VPN needs to have the credentials. Click Save. p>a.lightbox>img[title="" width=""]
  7. Navigate to Administration > UserID Sync, and click Sync All Gateways to force the account synchronization.

    Sync Gateways

    UserIDs are automatically sync every 8 hours.
  1. Setup a new connection for L2TP VPN by accessing Network and Sharing Center.
    Choose Setup a new connection or network.

    Set up new connection

  2. Select Connect to a workplace.

    Connect to a workplace

  3. Choose Use my Internet connect (VPN).

    Connect to VPN

  4. Provide the gateway's Public IP or domain name, Destination name and tick Don’t connect now; just set it up so I can connect later.

    Gateway information

    A Private IP address was used in this test environment.
  5. Provide the User name and password created under Hosted Users of Cloud Edge Cloud Console, and then click Create.

    User Credentials

  6. On the next window, click Close.
  7. Right-click the newly created L2TP VPN connection, then click Properties.

    Change Adapter Properties

  8. Go to the Securitytab and follow configuration below.

    VPN Properties

  9. Click the Advanced settings button, provide the L2TP VPN Preshared key setup on Cloud Edge Cloud Console, and then click OK.

    L2TP Preauth Key

  10. L2TP VPN should be ready for connection.

    L2TP Connection status

  1. Verify by using ipconfig command on the endpoint. The New IP Address of the L2TP VPN connection that is included on the VPN IP pool will be shown.

    VPN - IP Address

  2. Using Cloud Edge Cloud Console, connected clients should show under L2TP VPN.

    Cloud Edge Client Status

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