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Where do I get the SMS Client software?

    • Updated:
    • 22 Jan 2018
    • Product/Version:
    • TippingPoint SMS All
    • TippingPoint Virtual SMS
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The SMS Client software contains the interface through which you manage your TippingPoint system. You download, install, and run the SMS Client on a Windows, Mac, or Linux-based computer. You download the SMS Client installation software from your SMS Server’s home page using a Web browser. For information on hardware and software requirements, consult the SMS Release Notes or the SMS installation documentation.

During the installation process, the installer checks for currently installed versions of the client. Depending on the findings, the application displays options for installing or updating the software. You can make selections, perform the installation, and review progress through the installation process for Windows, Linux and Mac systems. When complete, the application prompts you to end or open the client upon completion.

Note: To communicate with the SMS server, the SMS client must use TCP port 9033 and TCP port 10042.



  1. On your workstation, open a web browser.
  2. In the Address field, enter: https://<smsipaddr> where <smsipaddr> is the IP address you configured for your SMS.
  3. Log in with the SuperUser account created during the Server setup.
  4. For SMS v4.6 and earlier, click the desired Operating System button under the "Get the latest SMS client".
  5. For SMS v5.0 and later, click "Client Installation" in the navigation pane and select the desired Operating System under "Install or Upgrade".
  6. Follow the instructions for the installer. The installation wizard begins with a scan of your system.
    • If the system does not have a previous SMS client installed, the wizard indicates steps and actions to install the application.
    • The wizard will prompt you to accept a license agreement to proceed.
    • The installation wizard continues with messages and information regarding the new client and locations for shortcuts. Each step may include further options and progress indicators.
  7. When complete, you can access the client from the Start menu. Start the client by double-clicking the TippingPoint SMS Client icon on your desktop.
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