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Creating and Implement an NMS Trap Action on the SMS!

    • Updated:
    • 5 Sep 2017
    • Product/Version:
    • TippingPoint SMS All
    • TippingPoint Virtual SMS
    • Platform:
An NMS Trap action sends out an SNMP Trap to an NMS (Network Management System) as well as performing other Response actions. Most functions of NMS Trap will require access to switches and the associated IP correlation functions.


  1. Log in to the SMS from a client.
  2. On the SMS toolbar, navigate to the Responder-> Actions tab screen.
  3. On the Response Actions section do one of the following:
    • Click New.
    • Right-click and select New.
    • From the SMS toolbar select Action
  4. The Create New Response Action setup wizard displays.
  5. Select the Action Name and Type tab and enter the required information;
    • Name: Enter a name that will be used to identify the action.
    • Action Type: From the drop-down box select NMS Trap
  6. Click Next or the NMS Trap Destination and Settings tab and enter the required information;
    • NMS IP Address: Specify the IP address of the NMS system
    • Destination Port: Specify Destination Port (any value from 1-65535) or accept the default port (162).
  7. Click Next or the SNMP Settings tab and enter the required information;
    • SNMP Trap Settings:
    • SNMP Version: Specify the version of the SNMP agent.
    • Test OID: Specifies the object identifier (OID) used for the trap.
      • Note: The Community/User Based Security Model options will change availability depending on the selection of the SNMP version.
    • Community-based Security Model: If using SNMPv2, specify the community string (for example: "public") to use when sending trap messages.
    • User-based Security Model - if using SNMPv3, specify the user name and the authentication method and information required in your security model.
  8. Click Next or the Primary Action Settings tab and enter the required information. This is the criteria that will be used to enact the SMS response action or will be attempted first if secondary and final settings are configured for the action.
    • Primary Action type: Select RADIUS re-authentication (default), VLAN isolation, or Disable port to specify the action to be invoked.
    • NAM rule: Specify the NAM rule if required by the NMS.
    • Active Directory Group: Specify the active directory group to use for lookup.
    • Quarantine VLAN: Specify the quarantine VLAN address. Specify the following Quarantine VLAN options that you want this action to perform:
      • Perform VLAN check - Checks for VLAN preconditions before attempting this action.
      • Drop Port Link - Drops the port link for 10 seconds if this action is successful. In some configurations, such as 802.1x with an XP client, this will cause a DHCP lease renewal.
  9. Click Next or select Secondary Action Settings in the Wizard navigation tree to specify the secondary action settings. These options are the same as those described for primary action settings.
  10. Click Next or select Final Action Settings from the wizard navigation tree and specify the final action to attempt should the first two actions fail. The options are the same as those described for primary and secondary options.
  11. If you want to test this action, click Test.
  12. Click Finish to complete your setup.


Note: To implement this action, it must be added to the Actions section of an Active Response policy that is added to an action set enabled for SMS Response.


Reference: SMS User Guide

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