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How do I add a TippingPoint devices to the SMS?

    • Updated:
    • 26 Mar 2019
    • Product/Version:
    • TippingPoint SMS All
    • TippingPoint Virtual SMS
    • Platform:

Through the SMS you can add a single device or multiple devices. When you add a device to the SMS, you can manage and unmanage the device without having to remove it. Before you can manage a device, you must enable the device to accept SMS control.  You add the device through the All Devices screen. As you add each device, the SMS displays the device by the name in the Navigation pane. You can then access and manage the device settings through the Devices screen.

Note: You must have SuperUser rights on the SMS to add or delete a device.
Note: When an IPS device is added, it is under the exclusive control of the SMS. The Local Security Manager (LSM) becomes a read-only, web interface.



  1. Log in to the SMS from a client.
  2. On the SMS toolbar, navigate to the Devices > All Devices tab screen.
  3. To add a device do one of the following:
    • On the All Devices screen, click New Device.
    • On the All Devices screen, right-click the screen and select New Device.
    • On the top menu bar, select the File New > Device.
  4. The Devices - New Device dialog box displays.
  5. Enter the IP Address of the device. To add multiple devices, select Add Device(s), and enter the device IP addresses, separated by commas.
  6. Add Multiple Devices Using a File. Select this if adding multiple devices at the same time. The text file must contain one valid IP address per line or a comma delimited list of valid IP addresses. All devices in the list must have the same username and password.
One IP address per lineComma Delimited,,,,
  1. Enter the Username for a SuperUser account defined on the device.
  2. Enter the Password associated with the SuperUser account.
  3. Select a device group to add the device to from the Member of Device Group drop-down. You can select All Devices or a specific Device Group.
    • Note: In order for a Device Group to show here, it had to been previously created.
  4. For Device Type, select IPS/TPS from the drop-down box.
  5. Optionally, check the Synchronize Device Time with SMS.
  6. Use the Online Device option to automatically discover your device.
    • If you select the Configure the Device checkbox, the Device Configuration Editor launches automatically after the device discovery is complete.
    • If you select the Clone an existing device checkbox, you can use the configuration settings from an existing device.
  7. Click OK. When the request is successful, the device name displays in the Devices screen.
  8. Repeat the previous steps to add multiple devices.
  9. To verify that your device or devices were added to the SMS and are functioning properly:
    • Navigate to the All Devices screen and verify that the device or devices are listed.
    • Verify that the Health status indicator is green. When you add a device, the system saves historical data for the device.
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