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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Hosted Email Security (HES) licensing

    • Updated:
    • 30 Dec 2019
    • Product/Version:
    • Hosted Email Security 3.0
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    • Not Applicable N/A

Know the answers to common questions asked about licensing in HES. 


You may enable and use HES for no more than the maximum number of licensed users for which the license fees have been paid during any Maintenance Term.

“Per-user” licensing means that each physical user, employee or independent contractor is required to have one (1) user license to use the product/service.

When adding a new managed domain, you are asked to assign the number of seats for that domain. To adhere to HES licensing terms, please assign the actual number of users that will be using the service for that specific domain; a domain should at least be assigned one (1) user license.

If one user is a member of several managed domains, you may assign that user’s license once in any of the managed domains.

The number of licenses purchase should equal the number of employee mailbox to be scanned. You can assign a few users per domain as this number is not enforced in HES. HES will continue to scan all emails associated with the domains.

HES license seat count is based from the number of addresses registered to the domain and not the mailbox itself, hence emails will still get delivered to the mailbox provided that the address is managed by the domain that is configured with HES.

Trend Micro, as a security company, has internal means to audit customer licensing adherence.

Technically, email scanning and delivery for all users in each managed domain will continue to work. However, in the event that adherence to Trend Micro license agreement is not met, Trend Micro will not guarantee the full functionality of the service with the other unlicensed users as well as future Service Level Agreement (SLA) remediation requests.

Refer to the table below:

HES licensing

Scanning and email delivery may stop anytime after the license totally expires.

As a form of license control, HES requires at least one user license assigned to a managed domain.

You can read the Trend Micro License Agreement here.

Note that HES, even when purchased as part of the WFBS Advanced bundle, are licensed by the number of users, not by the number of mailboxes. This means that when licensing the WFBS Advanced bundle, the number of machines licensed for Worry-Free Endpoint Security will also be used as the number of users for licensing HES.

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