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Frequently Asked Questions for using the Support Website

This page addresses questions or concerns regarding the use of this website. It does not cover information about threats or Trend Micro products.

  • Currently, enterprise and midsize business (101+ users) customers, as well as premium services customers from the North America region can create a MySupport account.

    This feature will open up soon to other regions.

  • A Trend Micro Business MySupport account gives you greater visibility of your support cases and direct access to support resources.

    With a MySupport account, you can:

    • Submit cases online
    • Submit threat analysis requests
    • Monitor and update cases online
    • View the list of products your organization is subscribed in
    • View which products are expiring soon
    • Download self-help / diagnostic tools
  • Yes. This account is used purely for Enterprise Support transactions. The account credentials are different.

  • Trend Micro support is available to clients with active product licenses. If your license has expired you will be able to access your Trend Micro MySupport account for an additional 30 days. During this 30 day grace period you may not be eligible for all Trend Micro support services.

    Important Note: Your Trend Micro support engineer can assist you in the license renewal process.

  • Trend Micro support is available to clients with active product licenses.

    When calling Trend Micro phone support, a caller that is not already in Trend Micro’s customer management system will need to confirm their active license key and provide email credentials that match the email domain on record related to the active product license key.

  • To create an account, you need to have:

    • A corporate email address (to be used for logging in)
    • An active Trend Micro business product license

    Click here to create a MySupport account. You can also go to the Sign In page to access the account creation link.

  • After completing the account creation form, a verification link message will be sent to your registered email address. Click the link to access a unique page where you can set your password. Once you’ve set your password, you are automatically logged in.

  • You can check the following:

    • Your username – it is the email address you used to register, but with .trend appended. Example:
    • Your password – you set your password once you receive the email notification. If it still doesn’t work, you can click on the Forgot Your Password? link in the Sign In page and enter your username (

    If you are a premium service customer, you may also get in touch with your Customer Service Manager so they can check your account.

    If you continue to encounter sign in problems, please report it using the Website Issues form.