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Support Policies

Paid Maintenance Terms
Trend Micro terms for paid maintenance
Data Collection Notice
Disclosure on what kind of data a product collects and how you can opt-out of the collection
Trend Micro Global Technical Support Guide for Business Customers
An introduction guide for Trend Micro business support processes and policies
Trend Micro End-of-Life Policy (revised March 2018)
Trend Micro's End-of-Life Policy (formerly End-of-Support) for product support
Supported Trend Micro Products/Versions
List of products and versions currently supported with important milestone dates
End-of-Life Trend Micro Products/Versions
List of products and versions that have reached End-of-Life in the past twelve (12) months and are no longer supported
Scan Engine and Pattern File Support Policy
Support terms for Core Technology engine and pattern files
Operating System Policy
Support terms for applications and operating systems, which run Trend Micro products, that are no longer supported by their vendors or suppliers
Types of Fixes
Description of patch types provided by our support engineers to standard customers